What to Do Before and After Getting a Facial

Getting a facial treatment is a sensational experience with many beauty benefits. The best time to enjoy a facial is when you want to give your skin an extra boost of rejuvenation. After the treatment, your skin will glisten and glow for days to come. Facials are also suitable whenever you want to rest, alleviate stress, and treat yourself to some well-deserved relaxation.

Beauty Med’s facial treatments use high-quality scrubs, masks, elixirs, and assortments of beauty products to provide a refreshing experience. As effective as these treatments are, you can maximize the results with some preparation before your facial session. Likewise, the after-facial care process is equally important. You will benefit from doing or avoiding certain activities after the treatment.

If you're getting a facial for the first time, there are things to know before your appointment. For instance, skincare experts may recommend taking the rest of the day off following your facial. There are other dos and don'ts after a facial treatment. Here are a few tips on what to do before and after getting a facial:

What to Do Before a Facial

 Getting the most out of your facial starts before you even step into the spa to maximize the benefits of a facial and ensure a smooth recovery process. Just like preparing for a big event, getting your skin ready for a facial is crucial. Here are some important tips on what to know before a facial: 

Minimize Sun Exposure 

 Minimize direct sun exposure for a few days before your facial appointment to prevent skin irritation. Sunburns and excessive sun exposure can throw your skin off balance, making it more sensitive. If you must be outside, wear a hat and apply sunscreen with SPF30 or higher to protect your skin. 

Communicate with Your Esthetician

 An open conversation with your esthetician is key to maximizing facial benefits. Don’t hesitate to share your skin concerns, whether it’s dryness, acne, uneven texture, or signs of aging. Be upfront about any allergies you have and specific ingredients or irritants. Discussing your skincare routine allows the esthetician to understand what products you’re already using and create an effective treatment plan that addresses your unique needs and goals.

Take a Break from Exfoliation 

Give your skin a break from harsh exfoliation for a few days before your appointment to avoid irritating it. Also, leave out face masks since you will get similar treatments during your appointment. 

 Hydrate from Inside Out

Increase your water intake before your facial to optimize the facial’s effectiveness. Well-hydrated skin absorbs products better, allowing the facial to work its magic more efficiently. Likewise, avoid sugary drinks, coffee, or alcohol. 

Arrive Make-Up Free

A clean face allows the esthetician to assess your skin’s natural texture, tone, and any areas of concern. Makeup clogs the skin, and your esthetician needs to work with a clean slate. The fresher your face, the better they can work to treat blemishes and extract dirt or acne. Since the procedure eventually removes the makeup, skip painting your face before the facial. 

Wearing no makeup also helps the effectiveness of the facial treatment. The session should target your skin instead of heavy layers of makeup. Let your skin breathe with a makeup-free day for the best facial results. 

What to Do After a Facial

 After the pampering and rejuvenation of your facial, you can take some key steps to maximize the lasting effects and ensure your skin continues to glow. Think of this aftercare routine as an extension of the facial, allowing your skin to fully recover and benefit from the treatment.

Pay Close Attention to Your Skin

While facials leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized, paying close attention to how your skin reacts after the treatment is important. Some mild redness or sensitivity immediately following the facial is normal. However, this should subside within a few hours. Occasionally, facials can trigger a minor breakout, especially if your skin is undergoing significant changes. This is usually temporary and can signify your skin purging impurities.

Any unusual discomfort, such as throbbing pain, swelling, or excessive itching, should be addressed immediately.

Keep Hydrated

The products used during your facial can help to draw out impurities from your skin. Drinking plenty of water helps your body flush out these toxins through urination and sweating, promoting a clearer and healthier complexion. Water is essential for maintaining the integrity of your skin cells. When dehydrated, your skin can become dry and lose its elasticity.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Especially after facials involving exfoliation, your skin can be more susceptible to sun damage. Apply sunscreen daily and reapply throughout the day, especially if you spend time outdoors. If you must go outside, wear clothing that will protect you from sun-damaged skin, such as hats and sunglasses.

In addition, you should avoid sunbathing after a facial. Sunbathing can expose your skin to harmful free radicals and increase skin sensitivity. Similarly, don’t go to saunas and heating rooms for a while after your facial session. Exposing your face to prolonged heat can break the capillaries and disrupt blood circulation.


How often should I get a facial for best results?


The ideal frequency for your facials depends on what you want to achieve. If you’re battling acne or hyperpigmentation, a more hands-on approach is perfect. Your esthetician may recommend weekly treatments until you see a clear improvement. Once your skin starts to heal, you can switch to facials every four to six weeks to maintain the progress. 

 Monthly facials are ideal for those looking to keep their skin healthy and glowing without any specific issues. 

 These regular appointments allow your esthetician to track your skin’s condition and adjust the treatments accordingly. Even if a monthly schedule feels overwhelming, consider seasonal facials. Getting facials four times a year can offer significant benefits by addressing your skin’s unique needs during different seasons.


Can I wash my face before a facial? 

Yes, you should wash your face before the facial experience. The goal is to arrive at the facial appointment in your most hygienic state. You will get the best results from your facial when your face is clean, fresh, and prepped. 

 After washing your face, you can proceed with your morning skincare routine. Your esthetician will learn how your skin looks on average and adjust the treatment as needed.

Do I shower before or after getting a facial?


You should take a shower before a facial. Your esthetician will not appreciate your natural body odour, so a prior bath shields you from a potentially embarrassing situation. Awkward session aside, this shower also loosens the pores and prepares the body for detox, which will help the treatment.

If you have the time, consider taking a hydrating steam bath before your facial. Otherwise, take a shower athome. You can create this spa effect by soaking in Epsom salts and essential oils. 


Can I shower after a facial?

No, you shouldn’t shower immediately after a facial treatment. It’s best to wait for at least six hours for the products used to absorb into your skin. If you need to take a shower, use lukewarm water only. Steamy hot showers can strip your skin of its natural oils and irritate your freshly treated skin.

Avoid soaps and shower gels. The following morning, wash your face gently and try not to scrub your pores.


Can I wash my face after a facial? 

You may also wonder when to wash your face after a facial. While you might want to cleanse your face immediately, following your esthetician’s instructions is best. They may recommend waiting at least six hours or skipping a face wash after your facial to allow the serums and products to sit in. When you do cleanse, opt for a gentle, fragrance-free formula.

Additionally, put harsh masks and astringents on hold. Your skin might be more sensitive after the treatment, so stick to soothing moisturizers and gentle face wash after a facial.

Can you wear makeup after a facial?


No, avoid makeup and heavy skincare products after the facial. Makeup products sit in the pores for hours after application. Let your skin breathe before and after the treatment. Think of getting a facial as if you are detailing your car. Would you take a ride on a muddy road after having the vehicle fully polished? No. The same goes for facials.

 On the day after your facial, it’s tempting to pull out a concealer to hide some of the redness and patchiness you may experience. However, doing this can cause you to break out. Leave the exfoliator and heavy skincare products like toners or retinol until the next week.


Can you exercise after a facial?


No, don’t exercise after a facial. Sweating after the facial treatment is not a good look. The sweat can irritate your skin and undo the effects of the beauty products. Workouts also dehydrate and warm up the body, which counters the hydrating qualities of a facial.

If you must exercise, get your session done three to four hours before your facial appointment at Beauty Med. Remember to take a shower after your workout so that you will feel refreshed during the facial treatment.


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