Many of us will do almost anything to achieve glowing and youthful skin. The truth is that all skin types may experience common skin problems like sun damage, discoloration, acne scars, and blackheads. Sadly, these imperfections can make you feel less confident and may result in damaged and dry skin. There is no need to worry, though, as there are skin treatments to eliminate these common skin problems.


Chemical peel and facial treatments can work wonders and help maintain the best appearance of your skin. But which one is the best treatment for your skin type and condition? What exactly is the difference between the two? Let’s find out!


 Chemical Peel Treatment and How It Works

A chemical peel treatment removes or exfoliates the damaged layer of the skin to remove dead skin cells by applying chemical solutions to the skin. This stimulates the healthy skin cells below the outer layer to rise, revealing a fresh and beautiful layer of the skin. This treatment is best for people with these skin problems:

   Age spots

  Acne scars

  Sun-damaged skin


  Signs of aging


Before you start the treatment, your aesthetician will determine the best chemical solution for your needs. The first step is to clean your face with a mild cleanser. Then, a chemical solution is applied to exfoliate the damaged skin. You may feel tingly or warm during this process as the peel rejuvenates your skin.

 As expected, some may experience peeling after the treatment. However, if you didn’t peel, it doesn’t mean that your treatment was ineffective.

 The Benefits of a Chemical Peel Treatment

   Reduces wrinkles, freckles, and fine lines

  Repairs sun-damaged skin

  Removes acne and dead skin cells

  Minimal recovery time

  Improves the appearance of mild scarring and acne scars

  Corrects skin discolouration

  Smooths the skin

  Facial Treatments and How They Work

 Just like the chemical peel treatment, a facial helps you look younger and radiant. Facials help cleanse, nourish, and exfoliate the skin to keep it well-hydrated. They remove dead skin cells and debris from your pores. Facials are a more popular skin treatment because they are less invasive. This treatment is most effective for facial skin problems such as: 

·       Uneven skin tone

·       Clogged pores

·       Dehydrated skin

·       Wrinkles

·       Blemishes

 A magnified lamp is used during the treatment and may include steam to open the pores and remove dead skin cells, whiteheads, or blackheads. After that, the skin is exfoliated to remove dead skin. A gentle facial massage follows to stimulate your facial muscles. After that, a facial mask is carefully applied to your face to remove bacteria, dirt, cellular debris, and oil. For the final step, a moisturizer, toner, serum, and sunscreen are applied to your skin to make it smoother and well-hydrated.

 Benefits of a Facial Treatment

   Improves cellular reproduction

  Stimulates cell rejuvenation

  Reduces the negative effects of sun exposure, smoking, and other environmental factors

  Calms acne-prone skin

  Hydrates skin?

  Effectively removes whiteheads and blackheads

  Minimizes pores

  Noninvasive treatment

  Instant noticeable results

 Chemical Peel vs. Facial

Chemical peels and facials are both effective treatments used to treat damaged skin and make you look younger and vibrant. However, these treatments are quite different and depend on which skin conditions and problems they target.

A chemical peel treatment uses certain acids to remove the damaged outer layer of the skin to make way for newer and healthier skin underneath. This treatment works best for conditions such as, but not limited to, scars, discolouration, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines. The best part is that you can instantly seethe difference right after a chemical peel treatment. Chemical peels are usually done once or twice a year, depending on your skin care needs.

On he other hand, a facial is a more gentle treatment that uses serums and other skincare products to deep-clean pores, moisturize the skin, and remove blackheads, dirt, and whiteheads. This treatment keeps your skin well-hydrated and vibrant. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with skin prone to acne, those experiencing dehydration, and those grappling with uneven skintone. Monthly facial treatments offer lots of benefits and make your skin healthier.

 Chemical Peel vs. Facial: Which is the Best?

 A chemical peel and facial can bring out your younger and more vibrant look. And there’s no doubt about it.

 Still, the question remains: Which is the best treatment?

 Well, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to skincare. Each of us has different skin types and conditions; thus, the best treatment depends on your goals and needs. Only skin experts can help you decide whether a chemical peel or facial is the right treatment for you.

 At Beauty Med, we carefully assess your skin condition to create a treatment plan that will work best for you. Ready to start your skin treatment? Book a consultation with our skin experts to achieve the younger-looking skin you’ve always dreamed of.



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