What to Do After Hydrafacial Treatments

Beautiful skin requires care and maintenance. When left on its own, our skin rarely has the consistent appearance we desire. We may experience dry skin patches, oily complexion, uneven tone, or hyperpigmentation issues. For this reason, we rely on skincare treatments to minimize our skin's imperfections. One of the best skin rejuvenation treatments is Hydrafacial, a highly favoured beauty routine with excellent results.

Hydrafacial is a skincare treatment that can rejuvenate the skin. It provides your skin with the care and nourishment to present itself in the best light. This process uses a medical-grade hydra-dermabrasion device, which cleanses and exfoliates the skin. It also applies natural serums to rehabilitate the damaged skin layers and inspire vibrant regrowth.

After Hydrafacial, you should avoid touching your face or picking your skin for the first 12 hours. It's the most sensitive time for your skin during its restorative phase. You don't want to transfer bacteria to your face and clog the pores. Instead, relax and rest as you wait for your skin to heal after the treatment.

You may have questions about the Hydrafacial aftercare routine. Let's learn about what to do after Hydrafacial treatments.

Can I use retinol after Hydrafacial?

No, you shouldn't use retinol for the first few days after Hydrafacial.

No, don't use retinol for the first few days after a Hydrafacial treatment. You should wait at least 48 hours after the session. Retinol can be an irritant and aggravate your skin during its fragile state. Your skin must heal in the first few days after the treatment, making it extra sensitive. Using retinol products can inflame new skin cells after a Hydrafacial.

If you have sensitive skin, you may want to be cautious and wait even longer than 48 hours before restarting retinol products. Likewise, this same advice applies prior to the treatment. Avoid topical Retin-A, generic tretinoin, or anything similar for a minimum of 48 hours before Hydrafacial appointments.

Can I wear makeup after Hydrafacial?

No, you shouldn't wear makeup for 24 hours after Hydrafacial.

No, don't wear makeup for 24 hours after the Hydrafacial treatment. You want to avoid clogging your open pores with cosmetic products. Also, makeup may interfere with the skin's ability to absorb serums and moisturizers. Since you've just cleaned out your pores with a Hydrafacial, the skin needs adequate time to heal. Enjoy a day free of cosmetics. The next day, you're good to begin wearing makeup again.

Can I work out after a Hydrafacial?

No, you shouldn't work out for a day after Hydrafacial.

No, you shouldn't work out after a Hydrafacial. Wait until the next day to resume your exercise routine. Even if you're committed to a regular fitness regimen, give yourself the day to rest and let your skin relax. Intense exercise is a no-go because we want to keep the face dry. Any sweating could wash away the serums or prevent them from sealing into the pores. For similar reasons, please avoid settings like saunas or being out under the hot sun.

Can I wash my face after Hydrafacial?

No, you shouldn't wash your face for six hours after Hydrafacial treatments.

Please wait at least 6 hours to wash your face after the Hydrafacial routine. Your skin will be sensitive in the immediate aftermath, so you want to avoid touching it as much as possible. After the waiting period, be gentle when washing your face for the first time. Only cleanse with water or light beauty products. Some over-the-counter facial washes with potent ingredients may aggravate your delicate skin.

Can I shower after Hydrafacial?

No, you shouldn't shower for six hours after Hydrafacial.

Wait at least 6 hours to shower after your Hydrafacial routine. You want to keep the face dry after the treatment, allowing the skin layers to absorb the serums. An early shower may wash away the Hydrafacial benefits before they fully settle. As an optional precaution, you may want to wait until the next day to shower. However, the minimum is a six-hour waiting period.

Can I get a spray tan after Hydrafacial?

No, you should avoid spray tans for the first week after Hydrafacial.

No, avoid spray tans for the first seven days after Hydrafacial appointments. Any tanning products or services can damage the skin. After a Hydrafacial, the treatment will open your pores and clear out the impurities. A spray tan will aggressively target these newly cleaned pores. Not only will it create an uneven tan, but you may also incur blackheads.  

Can I go out in the sun after Hydrafacial?

No, you should reduce your time in the sun after Hydrafacial.

Reduce your time in the sun after the Hydrafacial treatment. Your skin is very fresh and sensitive. The sun's UV rays may harm the skin cells, causing damage. For at least the first 72 hours, minimize any unnecessary sun exposure. Some recommend staying out of the sun for as long as a week. In addition, you should apply sunscreen for further protection. A sunscreen with an SPF of 30 can minimize sun-damaged skin after the Hydrafacial routine.

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