7 Best Treatments to Remove Age Spots on Hands

Age spots describe the tiny oval-shaped discolouration of the skin, typically light brown or black. These spots occur due to sun damage to the skin, which increases a pigment called melanin. They can appear anywhere on the body. Age spots show up on body parts with a great deal of sun exposure over the years, such as the face, chest, and hands.

While age spots aren't dangerous, they can make your hands appear years older than you are. An active lifestyle with ample time spent outdoors can cause discolouration and age spots to appear on your hands. Age spots can occur to people of any age, but they become increasingly common as the years go on. The more exposure we have to the skin, the more damage our skin receives. 

While it may be challenging to prevent age spots, there are effective remedies. Many options can minimize the appearance of age spots and even remove them altogether. Beauty Med offers numerous therapies you can use to reduce the appearance of age spots on your hands. Some treatments may even get rid of them completely.

Here are the seven best treatments to remove age spots on hands:

Treatment #1: IPL for hands

IPL is the beat treatment for aging hands.

Intense pulsed light therapy (IPL) is one of the best treatments for aging hands. This process uses a broad spectrum of light to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Certain light waves are highly effective at breaking down different skin pigmentation. IPL therapy is non-invasive, and positive results can emerge after only one or more sessions.

Treatment #2: Mesotherapy for hands

Mesotherapy is a treatment that can remove age spots on hands.

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical technique that can get rid of age spots on hands. It uses a blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbal therapies injected into the skin. The process helps rejuvenate the skin and decreases fat deposits. When injected into an age spot, it can help lighten the area. As a bonus, mesotherapy makes your skin appear smoother, giving you an even tone and texture.

Treatment #3: Hydroquinone for hands

Hydroqinone is a treatment that can get rid of age spot on hands.

Hydroquinone is a chemical that decreases the formation of melanin in the skin. Using a hydroquinone cream is an excellent non-invasive treatment for aging hands. Creams with low HQ percentages are buyable over-the-counter without a prescription. You can also speak to your doctor about using a prescription-strength hydroquinone cream for darker or larger age spots that are more difficult to treat.

Treatment #4: Glycolic acid for hands

Glycolic acid is one of the best anti-aging hand treatments.

Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid naturally derived from the sugar cane plant. It acts as a chemical peel, gently causing the top layers of the skin to break down and flake away. When this happens, the pigmentation of the skin fades as well. Glycolic acid also enhances the skin's collagen and elastin production, improving its overall vitality.

Treatment #5: Sunscreen for hands

Sunscreen is a treatment that helps premature aging hands.

The sun can damage your skin, causing discolouration and age spots. Too much sun exposure might lead to severe conditions like skin cancer. Whenever possible, choose to stay indoors or in the shade. Avoiding the sun will keep your skin looking young.

If you go outside, sunscreen is an effective anti-aging hand treatment. Applying sunscreen to the face and body is second nature for many people. Unfortunately, most forget to apply it to the backs of their hands. Regularly using a high SPF sunblock on your hands will minimize age spots. It also protects against skin cancer and keeps your skin tone even.

Finally, consider wearing gloves when you plan on working outside for long periods. Gloves will protect your hands from the sun's harmful UV rays, preventing the formation of age spots.

Treatment #6: Lemon juice for hands

Lemon juice is a treatment that can remove age spots on hands.

Lemon juice is one of the best remedies to remove age spots. This ingredient is effective because it contains vitamin C and citric acid, acting as a natural bleaching agent.

You can try lemon juice on your hands to see if you are sensitive to it first. If it is too strong, dilute the juice in water. Add the juice of one lemon and water in the same amount. Next, dip a cotton ball in the bowl and apply it to your sunspots. Leave it on for 20 minutes, and then rinse off with water. Do this twice a day for a few months, and you should see improvement in your premature aging hands.

Treatment #7: Aloe vera for hands

Aloe vera is a treatment that can get rid of age spots on hands.

Aloe vera is a succulent plant that thrives in your home with lots of natural light. The medicinal plant can treat sunburn or heartburn. It is also effective at getting rid of sunspots.

Just cut off a piece of the plant, open it up and rub the gel inside directly on your affected skin. Allow it to soak in, and it will hydrate the skin too. Do this daily to get rid of age spots on your hands. You can also buy aloe juice and mix it with water to drink, which will improve your skin from the inside out.

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