COVID-19 has made an unprecedented mark upon our communities. As companies encourage workers to try out the telecommuting lifestyle, many of us are now working from home. This style of work certainly comes with some beauty benefits. Thanks to the relaxed atmosphere of a home office, we don’t need to waste time primping or prepping our make-up in the mornings.

While the freedom to work from home may seem liberating at first, the novelty wears off eventually. After a while, you may miss the self-care that comes with making yourself presentable on a daily basis. By following a simple skin care routine, you can bring normalcy into a situation that feels far from normal. These skin rejuvenation treatments have the potential to lift your spirits, even when your time in isolation has you feeling low.

As you settle into your work-from-home schedule, try out these simple skin care routines to revitalize your beauty regimen:

1. Skin Care Essentials

A simple skin care routine should be straightforward, but we tend to complicate the process with a variety of beauty products. For many of us, there is a cosmetic graveyard in our bathroom drawer, brimming with half-used eye creams, forgotten lip glosses, and congealed nail polishes. Now that we have more time at home, this is the perfect opportunity to narrow down the selection and simplify our skin care essentials.

Your list of skin care essentials should contain a cleanser, a moisturizer, an eye cream, a skin exfoliator, and a face mask. Of course, you can add more beauty products as deemed necessary, but these five essentials will be the backbone of any simple skin care routine.

2. Face Cleansers

Every good skin care routine should contain at least one simple face cleanser. The ideal cleanser will strip away dirt, oil and other impurities from your skin. The best time to apply the cleanser is at night, right before you go to bed. This helps to create a clean palette for your nighttime skin care products, allowing them to reach deep down into your freshly scrubbed pores.

In the morning, try a gentler cleanser that won’t strip away your natural oils. If your skin is prone to excessive drying, skip the cleanser and simply splash your face with some water instead.

3. Face Moisturizers

A face moisturizer complements the cleanser as part of your simple skin care routine. This healthy combination will keep your skin feeling smooth and nourished. The best moisturizers should contain decent levels of SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Even if you aren’t directly out in the sun all day, your skin still needs the protection.

In addition, it is important to pick a moisturizer with hydrating properties. With all the time spent indoors, the stuffy and humid air has made our skin susceptible to dryness. The moisturizer is the best home remedy to restore the hydration in dry, parched skin.

4. Tinted Moisturizers

Have you tried a tinted moisturizer? This is a breathable, light-coverage, hydration-loaded option for pulling together your work-from-home look. The best tinted moisturizers can blur blemishes, provide a dewy radiance, and often have buildable coverage to conceal darker spots. Finish your look with a swipe of mascara, and you’ve got a look that is polished yet comfortable!

5. Skin Care Serums

When a moisturizer simply doesn’t feel enough, consider adding a serum to your skin care routine. A skin care serum is made with lightweight, oil-free formulas. These powerful elixirs are brimming with powerful active ingredients and nutrients, which come with anti-aging and hydration benefits. Most serums can be included in your morning and nighttime beauty routines, just after cleansing and right before moisturizing.

6. Eye Creams

Social distancing measures have many of us trading in our nightlife for a few more hours of sleep, and our skin is responding with gratitude! For those of us who are still battling with dark circles, an eye cream is a great way to add a boost of brightness in the morning. Apply the eye cream every evening, which will sufficiently hydrate one of the most delicate areas on our faces.

7. Skin Exfoliators

Skin exfoliation is an essential part of any simple skin care routine. When your skin feels dry and sensitive, this is when it needs exfoliation the most. Exfoliating helps to lift away dead and dry skin cells, allowing the hydration of your moisturizers to penetrate the pores.

If you don’t have access to a typical skin exfoliator, there are other substitutes available. Take a damp facecloth and gently massage the cleanser into your face in circular motion. Apply a firm yet gentle amount of force. Try to work the exfoliation into your weekly skin care routine about 2-3 times. After a while, you’ll start to reveal a softer, brighter side to your skin!

8. Face Masks

Turn your home into a self-care sanctuary by adding face masks to your quarantine routine! The best face masks have an ultra indulgent quality to them, like a warm hug for your face. These masks offer a wide variety of beauty benefits, which include cleaning your pores, hydrating the skin, and combating acne.

Layer on the face mask a few times each week, ideally while you’re working or prepping meals. Just make sure your face mask comes off before starting that video conference call, or your colleagues may be in for a shocking surprise!

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