What is Advanced Adipose Protein Extract (AAPE) Stem Cell Therapy

AAPE is a mixture of refined growth factor proteins that are extracted from human adipose-derived stem cells conditioned media. With its unique protein formula, AAPE maximizes the revitalizing effects of your hair follicles through increasing proliferation of dermal papilla cells of human hair follicle. Dermal papilla cells consist of a discrete population of specialized fibroblasts important in morphogenesis of hair follicle and control of hair growth cycle.

What is a stem cell?

Stem cells are primal cells found in all multi-cellular organisms that retain the ability to renew themselves through mitotic cell division and can differentiate into a wide range of specialized cell types.

Adipose-Derived Stem Cell (ADSC)

Human adipocytes extracted during the process of lipoaspiration contain the maximum number of stem cells in the human body. With recent development of technology in protein extraction / purification and cell cultivation, adipose-derived tissues are found to contain regenerative cells which include vast quantity of adult stem cells.

Key Factors of AAPE:

  • AAPE is composed of approximately 150 various kinds of human body-friendly proteins.
  • Human Proteins; the active proteins are derived from human sources’ and do not have allergic reactions
  • Synergistic Effects; each growth factor has pharmacological effects, but a combination of growth factors may enhance the pharmacological action of single proteins
  • Natural Compostion; these natural sources of various growth factors derived from ADSCs can provide the best biological activity
  • Multi-Function; AAPE can be effectively utilized for hair growth / restoration, skin-whitening, anti-oxidation treatment, and anti-wrinkle treatmen
Pricing Information
Hair Restoration - Advanced Adipose Protein Extract (AAPE) Stem Cell Therapy - Hair Revitalizing Cocktail
Hair Restoration - Advanced Adipose Protein Extract (AAPE) Stem Cell Therapy - AAPE Stem Cell Therapy
Hair Restoration - Advanced Adipose Protein Extract (AAPE) Stem Cell Therapy - Platinum Hair Restoration (Package Only)
3 sessions Hair Revitalizing, 3 sessions AAPE Stem Cell, 1 Shampoo (Specialty)
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