Once you are past a certain age, wrinkles can become one of your major concerns. With every passing day, your body’s production of collagen decreases, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles. Unfortunately, you have little control over this natural process of aging. However, there are other factors that contribute to the formation of wrinkles, which you can readily manage and control.

Getting old might be inevitable, but getting wrinkles is a whole different matter. It’s never too late to start taking good care of your skin, especially with the help of cosmetic skin care treatments. Start by evaluating the bad habits that may cause your skin to age faster than it should. Once you understand the causes of wrinkled skin, you can take the appropriate measures to prevent these wrinkles.

Here are some common causes of wrinkled skin, which may help you on your skincare journey:

Cause #1: Unprotected sun exposure

A little bit of sun and an occasional tan can be good for your skin, but only if you are wearing sunscreen. Forgetting to use sunscreen exposes your bare skin to the harmful UV rays from the sun, which penetrate through the skin’s epidermis and dermis. This will result in premature wrinkles.

The sun causes the skin’s collagen and elastin to break down, so your skin may start folding and forming lines eventually. To prevent this effect, you are advised to protect your skin with a strong sunscreen regardless of the weather.

Cause #2: Inadequate sleep

Sleep is an important part of cosmetic skin care. There’s a reason why they call it ‘beauty sleep’, because getting the recommended eight hours of sleep will contribute to healthy and smooth looking skin. Not getting enough sleep alters the skin’s PH (potential hydrogen) and the skin cells’ ability to stay hydrated. This will cause the formation of premature wrinkles.

When you are getting enough sleep, it gives your body enough time to flush out all the harmful toxins. As an additional bonus, you will feel physically rejuvenated and emotionally energized to take on the next day!

Cause #3: Smoking

You probably already know that smoking causes many health complications, including respiratory problems. Another reason why you might stop this addictive habit is because smoking causes your skin to age faster than normal. This is because smoking limits the blood flow to the skin. It curtails the flow of oxygen and nutrients for your skin cells to regenerate and stay healthy.

Smoking is one of the most common causes of wrinkled skin. It has a very noticeable effect on aging. Observe a few chain smokers who have been at it for at least five years, and you might notice a few wrinkles that don’t match their age. Some might be covered in wrinkles and may look much older than they are.

Cause #4: Poor diet

We all know that sugar is not good for you, especially when you are trying to lose weight. Another reason to stop the sugar intake is that it ages your skin rapidly. When ingested, sugar goes through a process called glycation. This binds the different proteins in your body, including the collagen and elastin found on the skin. When these blocks are created, collagen and elastin will become weaker, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles.

If you start noticing the formation of wrinkles, try cutting down on your sugar intake. A more balanced diet with fresh vegetables, fruits, and water will protect your skin from premature aging.

Cause #5: Drinking from a straw

Even though it may not seem apparent, drinking from a straw can be the cause of wrinkled skin. To demonstrate, try fetching yourself a cup of water and then drink it with a straw. Do you notice how you must move and contract your lips together to grip the straw? This is what causes wrinkles to form around the mouth.

If you frequently use straws while drinking, the muscles around your mouth become stronger, making the wrinkles around that area more defined. Sometimes, we use straws to protect our teeth from staining when consuming a coloured drink. While stains can easily be brushed off, wrinkles require a lot more effort to eliminate. Next time you use a drinking straw, think about the consequences.

Cause #6: Pollution

When it comes to pollution, we often think about how the environment gets degraded, yet forgetting that we are part of that environment. Not only will pollution harm water bodies and soil, but it has a negative effect on your skin too. Studies have shown that people who lived in high-pollution industrial areas had more wrinkles compared to the residents in rural areas.

In your everyday life, the dust particles, polluted air and other harmful toxins are in constant contact with our skin. It’s essential to wash your face every night before you sleep in order to remove these pollutants.

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