How to Prevent Extremely Dry Skin After Shower

For many of us, taking a shower is an essential activity in our regular routines. The need to clean our bodies is an age-old tradition, and humans have been showering in waterfalls for millennia. It was the Greeks that first adopted indoor showers, which involved pumping water in and out of their homes. Since then, we have developed modern showers that are easy, efficient, and enjoyable to use.

Nowadays, we probably shower too much. While washing our bodies is a necessity, excessive showering can wreak havoc on skin care. Our skin has natural oils that get stripped away from the water, which can cause dry skin. Showering too frequently can also lead to inflammation and increase the risks of eczema.

Of course, personal hygiene is so important to our social lives that it's unthinkable to avoid showering altogether. However, there are ways to prevent extremely dry sensitive skin after a shower. With some simple skin rejuvenation best practices, you won't have to worry about any dryness, irritation, or inflammation after showering.

Check out these beauty tips on how to take care of extremely dry skin after a shower:

Avoid long & hot showers to protect extremely dry skin.

Avoid long & hot showers to protect extremely dry skin

Taking a shower is a productive way to start your day. The first splash of warm water against your body is like an energy boost, bringing you out of any grogginess. However, a lengthy shower routine in the morning can dry your skin easily. The long, hot shower strips out many of the crucial oils from your skin. This causes your skin to become flaky, itchy, or dry, which is made worse if you scratch it too much.

Adjust the water temperature and have a lukewarm shower instead. This will still get the cleaning done without taking away moisture from the skin. Try to speed up the showering process so that you are not scrubbing and rinsing for long periods. If you take a daily shower, make it quick and get on with your day feeling refreshed.

Don't scrub your skin too much during a shower.

Don't scrub your skin too much during a shower

After a long day's work, many people love to hop into a shower and scrub away the filth from their bodies. While you should lather up thoroughly, make sure you do not scrub with too much force or aggression. There's a misconception that scrubbing harder gets you cleaner, but it doesn't work that way.

Your skin's surface has important proteins and lipids that provide moisture, but they can be removed if you scrub too much. This leads to skin dryness, irritation, rashes, or worsening eczema. Instead, take it easy when you are washing up in the shower. Lather up gently and let the water do the rest. You probably aren't getting too dirty between showers, so be gentle on your body.

Pick a good soap for extremely dry sensitive skin.

Pick a good soap for extremely dry sensitive skin

There are many brands of soap on the market, so it's hard to know which one is best for your extremely dry skin. Some body washes, gels, and bar soaps include ingredients that irritate your skin, causing it to dry quickly. Most bar soaps have high pH levels, which are bad for your skin care. The natural pH level of our skin is 5.5 and bar soap is around 10. This throws off the balance and can cause negative skin reactions.

It's better to use a soap with a neutral pH level. Shop for soaps made with organic ingredients, such as olive oil and coconut oil. These eco ingredients will moisturize your skin as you wash. Some bar soaps may harbour bacteria on their surface, so make sure it's left in a well-ventilated area. Remember to wash the bar soap first before using it on the body.

Dry your skin gently after a shower.

Dry your skin gently after a shower

After a revitalizing shower, the next step is to step out and dry off your body. This is the most sensitive time where damage to your skin can occur. Drying off with a rough towel is notoriously bad for your skin. The same goes for using swift or rough motions when drying each part of your body. The forcefulness will strip your skin of those essential and beneficial oils.

Instead, take your time with the drying off process. Use a soft, absorbent towel to take excess water off your skin without irritating it. Showering is exfoliating enough, so you want to be mindful about taking care of your skin after the shower. Dry off using a clean towel and lightly pat yourself dry. Your skin will appreciate the gentler and more soothing approach.

Moisturize your extremely dry skin after a shower.

Moisturize your extremely dry skin after a shower

The skin care after a shower is very important, especially when you have dry sensitive skin. Each time you are finished with showering, apply a natural moisturizer on your body. It's okay for your skin to be a little damp during the process. The moisturizer will seal the water into your skin cells, replenishing the hydration that your shower has taken away.

You can shop for many moisturizing lotions or other skin care products online. Look for products with high water content that can penetrate the skin effectively. Another option is to use natural oils like coconut oil and olive oil. Coconut oil is high in linoleic acid, which leaves the skin feeling supple. Olive oil has been used for centuries, known for its rich moisturizing properties. Both are occlusive moisturizers, so they seal in the moisture to soothe and smooth the skin.

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