Dealing with unwanted hair is a common concern that many individuals face. Unwanted hair on areas like the face, legs, underarms, back, or arms can sometimes impact your self-confidence and comfort. While some are okay with leaving them untouched, most people want to remove or reduce unwanted hair in certain areas. But the good news is there are several ways to remove unwanted hair.


We’ve listed seven ways to remove unwanted hair to help you achieve the smooth and hair-free skin you have always dreamed of. Each method has its pros and cons, catering to your needs and preferences. Some techniques we listed are just temporary solutions, but we have also included long-term hair removal solutions. Without further ado, let’s dive in!


Hot waxing can be done in the comfort of your own home or by a professional in a salon. It’s the most common temporary method to remove unwanted hair from different areas of your body. Hot waxing can be painful and messy. The process starts by applying melted wax on the skin; then, once it hardens, you yank it off with a piece of cloth to remove unwanted hair. Since hardened wax can easily break off, you may notice some hairs left behind.


While this treatment is a more affordable option, you will have to do it more often because the results only last for a few weeks. Just be cautious because if the melted wax is too hot, your skin can get burnt or irritated. Keep in mind that hot waxing shouldn’t be done around the nipples, genitals, eyelashes, or ears.




Threading is a traditional hair removal method where professionals use two twisted cotton threads to remove unwanted hair. Threading may only cause minor irritation compared to waxing, so it’s a safer option for acne-prone or sensitive skin. In Asia and the Middle East, this method is used to remove vellus hairs on the face. However, in most countries, it’s only used to remove hairs in small areas such as eyebrows. The results may last for four to five weeks.


Shaving is one of the most convenient ways to remove unwanted hair. You just need to use a razor or blade to remove the unwanted hair from the skin’s surface. While shaving is quick and painless, the results are temporary, as the hair grows back relatively fast.

However, regular shaving is not recommended as it may lead to skin irritation or ingrown hair.


Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the best option if you prefer something permanent. Laser hair removal is an advanced treatment that uses light beams that the pigment of your hair absorbs. Unlike waxing and threading, laser hair removal treatment can be done in most areas, including bikini lines, arms, shoulders, chest, sideburns, and legs.


The treatment may take four sessions or more, depending on your hair type, colour, skin tone, and body area. Your hair follicles will slowly get damaged after every session. While your treatment is ongoing, you may notice your hair growing back, but it will be finer and thinner this time. After four to six sessions, you’ll enjoy smooth and hair-free skin. Laser hair removal is a more costly option than waxing or shaving, but it has long-term benefits and saves you time from salon trips.




Electrolysis, as the name implies, uses shortwave radio frequencies distributed through the needles placed directly into the hair follicles to stop hair growth permanently. This procedure is done by a certified electrologist or dermatologist. For best results, you need to have follow-up sessions every week or two. Just like laser hair removal, it can be done on any part of the body. However, some people experience side effects such as skin infection, scarring, and keloids.


Chemical Depilation

Chemical depilation is done by using over-the-counter cream or gel to weaken the protein in your hair called keratin. This helps the hair to fall out easily. Depilation doesn’t actually target the hair follicle, so results may only last for a few weeks. However, if you’re on a budget, this method works wonders. To prevent rashes, blisters, or chemical burns, it’s a good idea to test the cream on a small part of your skin before using it on a larger area.


Prescription Cream

Don’t you like the idea of getting the treatments we listed above? You can opt for prescription creams or gels. One of the most common creams for removing unwanted hair is called eflornithine, which is applied to the facial area twice a day for a month. The downside is it only works for facial hair and may not be suitable for some men. The results may only last eight weeks. Side effects may include rashes, burning, and acne breakouts.


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