When discussing skin care, most people focus on the face and neck, with the hands often being the last priority. But truth be told, your hands reveal aging the most! Our hands are involved in everything we do, from exercising and cleaning to cooking, which means our hands are vulnerable to harsh chemicals and other irritants. Like your face, your hands also show signs of aging that are more difficult to conceal or hide.

Using moisturizers may help keep them soft and healthy. Some people may even turn to injectable filters to restore lost volume and achieve younger-looking hands. Morpheus8 is a more viable solution to address the signs of aging and revitalize the appearance of your hands.

What Is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8is an advanced type of microneedling treatment that uses revolutionary technology that offers a complete metamorphosis of the skin to reduce wrinkles and unwanted fat while increasing collagen production to tighten your skin. The best part is your skin’s surface won’t get damaged, unlike the traditional microneedling treatment. With Morpheus8, microneedles penetrate the skin’s deeper layers, catalyzing a natural rejuvenation process by rearranging collagen-building elements.

Signs of Aging that Morpheus8 Can Treat

Morpheus8treatment targets the deep layers of the skin to combat the following skin aging problems:

●       Wrinkles

●       Scars

●       Skin laxity

●       Fine lines

●       Uneven pigmentation

●       Unwanted fat

●       Loose or sagging skin

●       Stretch marks

●       Sun damage and sunspots

●       Hyperpigmentation

Benefits of Morpheus8 Treatment

TheMorpheus8 offers lots of benefits for the different parts of your body and face, including:

●       Tightens and smoothes your skin

●       Tightens your pores

●       Little to no thermal damage to your skin

●       Short treatment

●       No downtime

●       Applicable to all skin tones

●       Long-term results

●       Reduces acne scars, stretch marks, and scars

●       Can treat both small and large areas

Who Cannot Undergo the Morpheus8 Treatment?

AvoidMorpheus8 treatments if you have one of the following:

●       History of diabetes, eczema, herpes simplex, and keratosis

●       Chronic conditions, such as psoriasis

●       Raised warts or moles on the treatment area

How Morpheus8 Works

Morpheus8is a non-surgical treatment that does not require IV sedation or anesthesia because patients typically experience minimal discomfort or pain. It is a combination treatment that uses modular radiofrequency (RF) fractional technology. The microneedling process helps remodel the tissue, skin, collagen, and fat in a single cycle to keep your hands healthy and rejuvenated.

To begin the procedure, a numbing cream is applied to the specific area the patient wants to enhance. Then, a device delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy through micro-pins beneath the skin’s surface. Take note that the tips and pins are adjusted based on the desired level of RF.

●       12-pin Morpheus8 Prime - designed for small and narrow areas

●       24-pin Morpheus8 Resurfacing - used for superficial conditions

●       24-pin Morpheus8 - designed for larger facial areas

On average, the procedure takes about one and a half hours, although the duration may vary depending on the size of the treated skin area.

Results and Recovery: What to Expect?

With the Morpheus8 treatment, you can achieve stunning and younger-looking skin with minimal to no damage to the dermal layer. After 2-3 hours, you can start rinsing your hands. A day after the treatment, you can begin post-treatment care, such as using a gentle serum, cleanser, sunscreen, and light moisturizer.

Most patients can recover from the treatment in less than an hour. During the healing phase, you may notice that your skin may look off, but keep in mind that this is just part of the natural healing process due to the sustained micro-injuries.

In just a week, you’ll start noticing the changes!

Potential Side Effects of Morpheus8

The most common side effect of Morpheus8 is mild redness and swelling in the treated area. However, this is temporary and usually subsides after a couple of days. You may also notice small flaky scabs within 72 hours after the treatment. While it seems tempting to peel off the scabs, this can only cause skin damage and scarring. Scabs that may appear will shed on their own as soon as the skin heals.

Other common side effects some patients experience are temporary bruising, occasional pain, and soreness. These symptoms usually subside after the treatment and can be managed with ice packs or over-the-counter medications.

Preparing for Your Morpheus8 Treatment

Here are some helpful tips before undergoing a Morpheus8 treatment:

●       Prevent medications or supplements such as NSAIDs, fish oil, vitamin E, ginseng, and ginkgo biloba at least 10-14 days before the treatment

●        Avoid sun exposure at least two weeks before the treatment

●       Take Arnica tablets one week before to minimize bruising

●       Avoid putting glycolic and retinol on your hands one week before the treatment

●       Avoid smoking and alcohol at least two days before your appointment

Morpheus8 Treatment at Beauty Med

The Morpheus8 treatment is an innovative method with many advantages. It has minimal side effects that can be easily managed at home, making it a highly sought-after cosmetic procedure.

If you’re interested in our Morpheus8 treatment, contact Beauty Med at  905-237-5034 or book a free consultation now!


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