A safe, comfortable, non-surgical solution to reversing skin laxity

PLUS uses a radio-frequency treatment to stimulate collagen production for body remodeling. It’s not impossible. You can achieve a more youthful and toned skin contour, making your body appear smoother, and healthier.

PLUS was based on the development and clinical success of the proprietary A.C.E. (Acquire, Control and Extend) technology. A.C.E. technology targets deep within the skin to ensure that no areas are under, or over-treated. This radio-frequency skin treatment produces amazing results and provides consistent outcomes.

PLUS radio frequency treatment benefits

A safe solution with true results

If you’re looking for a non-invasive skin tightening treatment, that targets areas that aren’t quite so tight anymore, PLUS is your best choice. PLUS can be used to reduce texture irregularities in lax skin and provide a lifted appearance. It is safe, effective and can be used on all skin types and tones.

No pain, all gain

During treatment, most patients will feel a warm sensation and “feel” tighter. Patients typically notice a reduction in the folds of their skin over time. Irregularities will even out and sagging skin will appear more toned. PLUS radio frequency is essentially painless and has no downtime; it feels like a hot stone massage! Patients may see slight redness in the treated area, but this will lessen within just a few hours. All patients are able to return to their daily activities immediately after treatment.

Take back your body

PLUS is a cosmetic treatment that can reverse effects of weight gain, weight loss, and the general aging process. The most common areas of treatment include the abdomen, under arms, inner thighs, outer thighs, back and knees. PLUS has brought back the confidence of hundreds of patients, giving them the joy of showing off their summer body.

Choose BeautyMed for PLUS treatment

We are a team of caring, friendly, and knowledgeable health care professionals and administrators. With over 10 years of service in the beauty industry, our practitioners have the expertise to offer exceptional care. Call Beauty Med to book an appointment or contact us online to learn more about how PLUS radio frequency treatment can refresh and tighten your skin.

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