In these Lumecca IPL before and after pictures, see what Beauty Med Richmond Hill has been able to offer our clientele.

After only 1-2 treatments, this advanced photo rejuvenation technology does the work that normally takes other IPLs up to 6 treatments to do. Lumecca treatments reduce the time required to erase lesions due to its larger treatment size and high pulse repetition rate. With our team of skilled technicians, there is also a focus on comfort and efficiency in the process.

  • Treat benign pigmented epidermal lesions, such as dyschromia, hyperpigmentation, and freckles.
  • Reduce vascular lesions, such as port wine stains, facial and leg telangiectasias, rosacea, angiomas and spider angiomas, superficial leg veins, and venous malformations.

The Lumecca before and after pictures displayed here highlight the real-life benefits of what can be accomplished through intense pulsed light. Lumecca has proven to be an innovative approach to facilitating youthful, clearer, and more vibrant-looking skin.

Does Lumecca Actually Work?

Lumecca targets vascular and pigmented lesions on the skin effectively. If you have seen difficulty with large pores, darkened pigmentation, fine lines, or uneven complexion that can’t be treated successfully, these Lumecca before and after pictures prove otherwise. This method has demonstrated consistent and steady progress for our patients, who are thrilled to see their skin bounce back in the weeks and months after each session.

If you have damage caused by sun exposure or skin pigmentation issues, speak to a Beauty Med representative about trying Lumecca. The before and after pictures included in this portfolio highlight the changes you will find in adjusting the presentation of pigmented and vascular lesions. This technology can be applied to deal with spider veins on the hands and body, brighten the skin and address clarity issues, and more.

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