7 Short-Term and Long-Term Laser Hair Removal Results

With the welcomed arrival of warmer temperatures, many of us feel encouraged to wear something more comfortable on our bodies. Whether you slip into a springtime dress or put on a summer bathing suit, you might feel self-conscious about displaying unwanted body hair. The hair grows back quickly no matter how much shaving or waxing you do, causing a nonstop cycle of frustration.

Fortunately, laser hair removal is an efficient way to achieve smooth and hairless skin on your body. This popular procedure uses pulses of light to target the melanin within a hair follicle. The efficiency of laser hair removal allows for several hair follicles to be targeted at once. Once laser hair removal is completed, hair can be reduced from all the undesirable places on your body, including your legs, arms, back, and bikini area.

If you are considering laser hair removal, you likely have plenty of questions. How well does it work? Do the results last? Does it work better on lighter or darker hair? To help you understand the process better, here is more information about the short-term and long-term laser hair removal results:

1. Laser hair removal results in the short term

Laser hair removal results in the short term

Laser hair removal tends to be highly effective on people with hair much darker than their skin colour. As a result, some individuals may witness more dramatic laser hair removal results, even in the short term. Of course, the results can vary from person to person, depending on their hair and skin colour, body part, and consistency of treatments. For others, it may take a few more sessions before the results become prominent.

2. Laser hair removal results in the long term

Laser hair removal results in the long term

The full long-term results of your laser hair removal treatment will become evident over time. You may experience zero hair regrowth, or you may have greatly reduced hair that is barely visible to the eye. Sometimes, a small amount of hair may regrow in certain locations. You can choose to return for spot treatments to get rid of the particularly stubborn hair.

3. Hair reduction in the long term

Hair reduction in the long term

Over the long term, laser hair removal often results in the one thing we are after: a significant reduction in the amount of unwanted hair. Based on your hair and skin colour, some people will enjoy the best laser hair removal results with complete hair reduction. Most individuals will experience a substantial or nearly complete reduction of unwanted hair in the long term.

4. Finer hair regrowth in the long term

Finer hair regrowth in the long term

Once you have completed all the laser hair removal sessions, you will almost certainly find any hair regrowth to be different than what you originally had. In the long term, hair regrowth will appear much finer than before. You will have less visible hair on your body, and any hair regrowth is much easier to remove in the future.

5. Softer hair in the long term

Softer hair in the long term

Another long-term laser hair removal result is the softness of any regrowth. In addition to hair growing back with less thickness, the regrowth after laser hair removal tends to be soft and far less robust. If you manage to wax any regrowth, as opposed to shaving, you will continue to see the hair diminish in amount and thickness.

6. Sun sensitivity in the short term

Sun sensitivity in the short term

The process of laser hair removal leaves your skin more sensitive to UV rays for a short period of time. As a result, you may be advised to keep the treated area out of direct sun exposure for up to two weeks. Consider this as a resting period to give your body sufficient time to heal.

Laser hair removal treatments take place over four to six sessions, although the quantity may vary between individuals. As you get ready before laser hair removal, establish your schedule and plan the timing of the treatments carefully. Avoid scheduling a laser hair removal treatment right before a beach holiday or an outdoor expedition.

7. No discomfort in the long term

No discomfort in the long term

Your reaction to the laser hair treatment will be unique to you. Some individuals might experience very mild discomfort during the treatment itself. As the laser is emitted, you may feel the sensation of a quick zap and an overall sense of warmth. However, any discomfort should be temporary and short-lived. The sensation will quickly subside over time, leaving you with no long-term discomfort.

After the treatment, some individuals might experience slight redness or irritation on their skin for a short time. These effects of laser hair removal can be alleviated with a soothing cream, gently applied onto the targeted areas. If necessary, the intensity of the laser hair treatments can be adjusted.

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