What to Do After Microneedling Treatments

Microneedling is a popular cosmetic procedure that comes with many beauty benefits. This treatment uses tiny needles to induce your body's anti-inflammatory response. The objective is to stimulate the cells to reproduce collagen, an essential protein that results in radiant-looking skin. After the microneedling treatments, you will enjoy healthier skin texture and improved blood circulation.

Microneedling therapy is a safe, reliable, and virtually painless process. Many people use this procedure to reverse aging symptoms, repair scarring, and restore an even skin tone. Minimal downtime is expected after the treatment. You may experience mild redness on the targeted skin area for a few days or less. However, the symptoms naturally heal themselves over time.

The healing process after microneedling varies depending on your skin's response to the procedure. With patience, care, and the proper techniques, you'll quickly gain relief as your body makes a speedy recovery. Let's learn about what to do after microneedling treatments:

What to expect after microneedling

What to expect after microneedling

After microneedling, the targeted area will need time to heal. It's normal to feel a sunburn sensation on your skin, which resembles a mild tightness and redness. Your skin requires special care during this recovery process. Stay in an airy location while avoiding the heat, toxins, and abrasive chemicals. These effects should naturally subside several days after the treatment, provided that you don't aggravate the condition.

Microneedling often leaves the skin dry. Your skin might feel more textured than usual after the treatment. If your body is dehydrated, you might struggle to hydrate the skin. You are recommended to drink up to eight glasses of water daily. When you take sufficient water, your body will produce healthier collagen cells. You will also improve blood circulation.

You can supplement water for beverages like tea and fruit-infused drinks. However, keep them sugar-free and organic. If you like sugary beverages, infuse water with fruits like strawberries, mint, oranges, cucumber slices, and lemon.

What to put on skin after microneedling

What to put on skin after microneedling

Apply a calming moisturizer to cool down the mild tingly sensation on the targeted area. Since your skin might feel dry after microneedling, keep it hydrated with skincare productsHyaluronic acid serums and moisturizers can restore the skin's balance. In the following days, introduce collagen-stimulating peptide serums into your skincare routine.

On the second day, you can use a gentle green tea toner after cleansing. From the second to the fifth day after microneedling, you might start noticing scabs on your face. Peeling them can cause your skin to get irritated. Apply a moisturizer and allow them to flake off. If there is still peeling towards the fifth day, use a gentle enzyme peel to relieve the scabs.

Around the sixth day, you can start introducing retinol and vitamin C serums to your skincare routine. You can also apply your anti-aging products from this point. 

Sun exposure after microneedling

Sun exposure after microneedling

Sun exposure should be avoided for the first week after the microneedling treatment. Your skin is in a delicate state and will feel more sensitive as a result. If you are not careful, the skin cells are prone to damage from sunburn and scarring.

If you must go outside, apply sunscreens with a high SPF rating. Avoid rubbing the creams roughly and gently pat the products into your skin instead. Even after using sunscreen, stay away from prolonged sun exposure as much as possible. Minimize the amount of time you spend in the sun, taking indoor breaks if possible.

Can I wash my face after microneedling?

Can I wash my face after microneedling

Yes, but wait at least four hours to wash your face after microneedling. In the first two days, it's okay to wash your face with tepid water. You can rinse your face very gently to get out the dried fluids. However, clean your hands thoroughly before touching your face to prevent irritation. 

You can wash your face with a gentle cleanser 72 hours after your appointment. Avoid using powdered face washes and loofahs for the next week. Pat your face to dry with a microfibre cloth and dab gently. You may also apply cooling face creams and use antibiotic ointments afterwards.

Can you wear makeup after microneedling?

Can you wear makeup after microneedling

No, you should avoid wearing makeup after microneedling. Makeup requires using products like toners and scrubs, potentially inflaming the skin. Instead, keep your face bare and moisturized for three days after your appointment. 

Other things to avoid include scrubs, masks, saunas, perfumes, heavy creams, and astringent products. You should also exclude exfoliating products for the next week. You don't have to exfoliate since your skin cells already have sufficient collagen after microneedling.

Can you workout after microneedling?

Can you workout after microneedling

No, avoid sweaty exercises after the microneedling treatment. Sweat can irritate the targeted area, possibly introducing bacteria to the skin. Instead, try relaxing yoga workouts that won't cause you to sweat profusely. You can go to the gym after three days. Do not go swimming at least 24 hours after your treatment. 

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