What to Expect Before and After Sculpsure Treatment

SculpSure is a laser-based body contouring method to reduce fat in problem areas. It's a safe, non-invasive way to handle fat that won't go away no matter how strict your diet or how hard you work out. During SculpSure treatment, heat destroys fat cells in the targeted area. The fat gets flushed out of the body in the eight weeks following a single treatment session. SculpSure can apply to the abdomen, thighs, bum, knees, or back.

If it is your first time getting this treatment, you may be curious about the experiences before and after SculpSure. The preparation period is pretty straightforward. There isn't anything special the average person has to do beforehand, as long as you follow a few safety precautions. The recovery period is also quick and manageable. Expect some mild tenderness or swelling for a few days, which should subside naturally.

Let's learn what to expect before and after SculpSure treatment.

How to prepare before SculpSure

How to prepare before SculpSure

The good news is that you won't have to prepare much before SculpSure. However, you can get ready by keeping your body healthy and clean. Try your best to avoid direct sun or tanning one week in advance. That's because any recently burned or tanned skin may complicate the treatment.

Starting a few days before SculpSure, you may want to reduce the use of lotions or topical treatments on the targeted area. In addition, you may need to avoid some over-the-counter or prescription medications. Check with your medical professional for details. Finally, ensure you maintain good personal hygiene, drink lots of water, and eat a light meal before your appointment.

SculpSure FAQ

SculpSure FAQ

Many newcomers may have questions about how the SculpSure treatment works. Before SculpSure, the Beauty Med team of consultants can discuss the details of your treatment plan, offering guidance and insights. Typically, the inquiries revolve around the individual's medical history or precautions after recent surgeries. Below are some frequently asked questions about SculpSure.

Can I do SculpSure when pregnant or breastfeeding?

SculpSure is effective for combating the excess weight gained after giving birth. Ideally, new mothers should wait at least three months after pregnancy and breastfeeding before getting SculpSure done.

Can I do SculpSure after liposuction or CoolSculpting?

You can share and discuss your medical history in the consultation before starting SculpSure. A professional team will determine the ideal time to commence the treatment based on your health condition. Typically, the recommendation is to wait four months after liposuction or CoolSculpting before doing SculpSure. 

Can I do SculpSure while on medication?

Some medications may affect the quality of the SculpSure results. You should speak with the medical consultants if you regularly take anti-inflammatory medications (like ibuprofen or naproxen) or steroids (such as prednisone). If you are taking Accutane, aka isotretinoin, it can also impact your SculpSure treatment.

Can I do SculpSure with a health condition?

In the consultation before SculpSure, you should inform about various health conditions. Let the consultants know whether you have a history of skin disorders, such as light sensitivity, lupus, or keloid scar formation. Likewise, identify if you are immunosuppressed from medications, leukemia, HIV, or another condition.

After the assessment, the professionals will determine whether SculpSure is right for you. It may be possible that an alternate beauty treatment is more suitable based on your health history.

What to expect after SculpSure

What to expect after SculpSure

The SculpSure recovery process is quick and straightforward. You may expect mild tenderness or swelling for several days after one treatment. If you experience discomfort in the targeted area, intermittently apply a cold compress. Once these conditions subside naturally, you shouldn't experience significant side effects after SculpSure. You can continue your daily routine without disruption.

Your skin will be more sensitive to the sun for the first few weeks after SculpSure. If you go outside frequently, be sure to apply sunscreen to the treated area. You should use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.

SculpSure after care

SculpSure after care

Many people report positive experiences with doing a massage after SculpSure. Try massaging the treated area two to three times daily throughout the recovery process. You can do this using a gentle rub with your hands. Alternatively, a massaging device can make this process easy. Don't feel concerned if there's mild redness or tenderness on the skin, as they are typical signs.

Avoid taking over-the-counter or prescription medications for the first ten days after SculpSure. This list includes aspirin, naproxen, ibuprofen, celecoxib, diclofenac or others. In addition, you should stay away from medications that impact inflammation, as they may weaken the SculpSure results. The exception is Tylenol, which can help minimize the tenderness or discomfort. If you have questions, consult your medical professional for guidance.

There is not much else you need to do after SculpSure. Since SculpSure is a non-invasive treatment, the after-care process is minimal. Your body's recovery mechanisms will naturally do the work to burn the fat and heal. After some time has passed, you will likely see the SculpSure benefits on your body.

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