How to Plan the Best Morning Skin Care Routine

Some fortunate people wake up with naturally glowing skin. The rest of us may need a bit more pampering to keep our skin looking energized and refreshed. Fortunately, taking care of our skin is quick and easy with a daytime beauty regimen. The best morning skin care routine can boost your confidence and provide the inner glow you love to see.

The hardest part about a morning skin care routine is knowing where to start. You have questions about what beauty products to use, when to use them, and how they correspond with your skin type. You should carefully select your products and treatments. The best way is to start small with cleansing, moisturizing, and protection if you are new to skin rejuvenation routines. Progress takes a while, so give your skin time to adjust to the products.

Depending on your age, skin type, and schedule, you can easily set up a beauty regimen that takes only minutes to complete. Plan the best morning skin care routine with the following steps:

1. Cleanse your face every morning.

Cleanse your face every morning

Washing your face is the primary start to any morning skin care routine. Every day, your skin encounters various pollutants and germs on a large scale. Gently removing particles from your face will treat clogged pores, reduce acne, and prevent dullness.

These days, you have a high chance of buying a cleanser that leaves your face tight and irritated. What you need is a face wash with hydrating qualities. The ingredients in your product should cleanse your face without stripping natural oils in your skin. Avoid face wipes as much as possible.

While cleansing, massage the product gently into your skin for up to one minute and rinse with lukewarm water. Dab your face with a soft cloth after rinsing. Do not skip this important activity in your morning face routine, even if you are in a hurry. A thorough cleanse makes a positive difference to your long-term skin health.

2. Apply toner to your skin after the cleanse.

Apply toner to your skin after the cleanse

A toner is essential to the morning skin care routine for anyone with oily skin. Immediately after cleansing, you apply this liquid product to your face. Place the toner on clean hands and dab moderate amounts on your face. Press gently into your pores and avoid rubbing the product into your skin.

Do not use alcohol-based toners. Older toners have harsh ingredients that remove leftover makeup and oil after cleansing. Thankfully, the newer products these days contain chemicals that nourish and balance your skin tone. Look for toners with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, and vitamin C. These chemicals reduce irritation, improve sun-damaged skin, and provide hydration.

3. Use serum treatments in day & night skin care routines.

Use serum treatments in day & night skin care routines

Serums treat skin conditions, smoothen wrinkles, and lighten dark spots. They also penetrate the deeper layers for optimal repair. For your morning skin care routine, choose products that protect you from free radicals and pollutants. Treatment serums with Vitamin C, AHA, and BHA are recommended among Beauty Med's collection of products. These ingredients boost collagen production and reverse the effects of dehydration. 

However, try to use separate serums for your day and night beauty routines. In the mornings, you need protection from inflammation and harsh sun rays. At night, your skin requires peptides for rejuvenation.

4. Add an eye cream to your morning face routine.

Add an eye cream to your morning face routine

For someone with an extremely packed schedule, you can do without eye cream in your skincare ritual. However, an eye cream is a powerful beauty rejuvenation tool if you include it in your routine. Since the summer heat comes with sun damage and hyperpigmentation, you might need something to balance your skin tone. The eye cream is one of the best solutions.

Since the area around the eyes is more sensitive than other parts of the face, consider products that will not irritate your skin. Your concealer can only hide the dark circles under your eyes for long. Remove the dark circles with soothing eye cream containing ingredients like kojic acid and niacin. However, avoid retinol products since they can cause redness on the face.

5. A face oil complements your daytime skin care routine.

A face oil complements your daytime skin care routine.

Many experts advise against putting oils on your face since they can clog the pores. However, your skin might need as much moisture as you can get. These oils provide sufficient nourishment to keep your skin glowing and healthy. They also trap the hydration in your skin and prevent evaporation when you go out in the sun.

In the mornings, apply your face oil before moisturizing. Avoid essential oils since they can irritate the skin. Try not to drench your face in the product. Instead, use two to three drops and pat lightly on your skin.

6. Moisturize your face in the morning.

Moisturize your face in the morning

Moisturizing is a crucial part of your morning skin care routine. Oil and fragrance-free moisturizers come highly recommended because perfumed products cause redness and itching. Get the best moisturizers depending on the ingredients and your needs. For example, ceramides boost skin-barrier strength and work best on dry skin.

If you have oily skin, look out for gel moisturizers with a formula that will not clog your pores or cause you to break out. For neutral textures, you are safe with lotions that have classic moisturizing ingredients.

7. Protect your skin from the morning sun.

Protect your skin from the morning sun

Including sun protection in your morning skin care routine is non-negotiable. Daily sunscreen use prevents the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Some doctors also believe sunscreens protect you from skin cancer.

Use a product with an SPF of at least 50 for optimal sun-blocking benefits. Unlike other products on this list, you should reapply sunscreen after every two hours. Some sunscreens with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide sit on the skin to prevent sun rays from penetrating the pores. However, they often leave gray casts on the skin, so be mindful of the sunscreen's ingredients.

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