How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Around Mouth

As you grow older, you might start finding wrinkles around the mouth and parts of your face with thinner skin. Although wrinkles are often associated with old age, they can occur due to various factors. Wrinkles appear when your cells lose the ability to produce collagen, causing the skin to lose firmness. Collagen production decreases as you get older, while certain habits and lifestyle choices can speed up the process.

Beyond age, your diet and skincare regimen can contribute to wrinkles forming around your mouth. The skin on this section has lower collagen content compared to other parts of your face. As such, these areas wrinkle faster than other skin parts. Factors like dehydration, stress, smoking, and sun damage can amplify the intensity.

Having droopy skin near the lips takes a hit on your confidence. Fortunately, Beauty Med offers numerous skin rejuvenation treatments that can lessen the impact of wrinkles around your mouth. In addition, some home remedies like essential oils and plant oil may also prove useful. Whether you use treatments, home remedies, or both options, you deserve to look your best without feeling self-conscious about wrinkles.

Let's discover how to get rid of wrinkles around the mouth:

Cream for wrinkles around mouth

Use the best cream for wrinkles around mouth.

The best product for wrinkles aims to induce collagen production. Choose a high-quality cream that provides hydration to the wrinkles around the mouth and thickens the skin. You can also adopt vitamin C serums since they boost collagen secretion. For optimal results, include sunscreen in your skincare regimen. That's because sun damage may reverse the benefits of wrinkle creams and serums.

Although you may think all wrinkles around the mouth look similar, they have specific classifications. Typically, three types of wrinkles form around the lip area:

  • The smile lines occur around the mouth when you smile.
  • The marionette lines make the skin look saggy. 
  • Finally, the lipstick lines are more prominent around the upper lip. 

However, you don't necessarily have to buy separate creams to treat each type of wrinkle. Instead, a single skin care product will be potent enough to combat different wrinkles around the mouth. You can also apply the same item to the rest of your face. That way, you won't introduce too many conflicting beauty products to your skin.

Retinol for wrinkles

Use retinol for wrinkles around mouth.

Retinol is a source of vitamin A, which has anti-aging properties. You'll find variations of this substance in creams like topical tretinoin, isotretinoin, and tazarotene. Topical tretinoin stimulates the production of new blood cells and elasticin, which improves skin elasticity.

Isotretinoin reverses the effects of UV exposure and sun damage. You'll notice your skin evening out after extended use. Finally, tazarotene helps reduce fine lines and hyperpigmentation. The product is also used to treat conditions like skin roughness and sun damage

Microneedling for wrinkles

Microneedling can help you get rid of wrinkles around mouth.

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that uses tiny needles to make small pricks on the skin. As the body works to heal the scars, the cells produce collagen that tightens the skin. Since the needles only penetrate the surface layer, you feel minimal pain. To treat wrinkles and smoothen fine lines, this process uses shaper needles and heat.

Skip products like retinol at least 48 hours before your appointment to protect your skin. Avoid direct sun exposure as well. Ensure to cleanse and tone your skin before your treatment.

Chemical peels for wrinkles

Chemical peels are effective when you want to get rid of wrinkles around mouth.

Chemical peels use acids to exfoliate the skin and remove damaged skin cells that cause hyperpigmentation or wrinkles. These peels also treat acne and roughness. There are different types of peels available, offering various treatments based on your skin texture and the depth of the wrinkles.

The dead skin will shed after the procedure, revealing new and healthy layers underneath. During this time, you may experience a mild pink hue on your skin for the short term. Use a calming moisturizer to soothe the agitated skin. After healing, you will observe a radiant glow on your skin.

Skin tightening for wrinkles

A skin tightening treatment will help you to get rid of wrinkles around mouth.

FORMA skin tightening uses radiofrequency energy to target deep skin layers. The heating applicator transmits the electrode to the cells through a non-invasive and painless process. FORMA is popularly known as a non-surgical facelift because of its efficacy. Unlike other treatment methods, you get immediate results with this procedure. 

Beyond tightening the skin, the electrodes also trigger collagen production, smoothening wrinkles. The FORMA treatment also works for other parts of your body, like your neck and jaw.

Cosmetic acupuncture for wrinkles

Use cosmetic acupunture for wrinkles around mouth.

Cosmetic acupuncture comes from the ancient Chinese practice of piercing the skin with sharp needles to ease tension in the body. Unlike microneedling, the pricks target specific pressure points to release tight muscles and trigger the body's healing response. 

The procedure works like Botox without the surgery and temporary paralysis. Beyond producing collagen that gets rid of wrinkles around the mouth, cosmetic acupuncture also promotes blood circulation. The process tackles the roots of wrinkles and treats premature aging symptoms like hormonal imbalance or stress.

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