The coronavirus pandemic can be a stressful time, filled with uncertainty about the future. As many of us grow restless from the social distancing guidelines, it might be common to experience stress-induced symptoms on our bodies. Acne breakouts, dark circles under our eyes, and a few excess pounds are just some of the unhealthy consequences after weeks of home confinement.

Self-care is important during the pandemic. We want to take especially good care of our skin, because its condition reflects on our overall health. If you’ve noticed your skin has lost some of its glow, follow these tips on how to take care of your skin during the coronavirus pandemic:

1. Build a proper skin care routine

Do you have a regular beauty regimen to take care of your skin? Before the pandemic, you may have been too busy to prioritize skin care in your to-do list. With all the extra time spent at home, this is the perfect opportunity to establish a good skin rejuvenation routine. If there’s a beauty product you’ve been meaning to try, this is a great time to test it out!

Get into the routine of cleansing and moisturizing your skin twice a day. Use targeted products based on your skin type and needs. In addition, don’t forget about the Sun Protection Factor (SPF). Even though you aren’t spending as much time outside, it’s still a good idea of applying SPF products everyday.

However, make sure you don’t overinflate your skin care routine with too many products. Adding more natural oils, skin creams, and face masks don’t necessarily translate to positive results for your pores. In fact, your skin may not react well to being exfoliated so frequently, which causes irritation problems. Feel free to expand your skin care routine, but always make sure you use any products in reasonable moderation.

2. Moisturize your skin

Since we’re spending more time at home, our skin is mainly exposed to the air quality inside our homes. Both central heating and air conditioning have the tendency to dry out your skin. If you’ve noticed your skin seems extra tight and dry lately, this could be the culprit.

Make sure to use a good moisturizer suitable for your skin type. Also, consider putting a humidifier in the most frequented room of your house, where you spend the majority of your time. In addition, try to bathe in water that isn’t too hot. Long showers and baths can dry out your skin more easily.

3. Take care of your hands

During the pandemic, a big part of your skin care routine should involve ways to take care of your hands. You’re probably washing your hands more often, which is an effective way to ward off infection. However, washing your hands too much is a sure way to irritate and dry out the skin. It’s important to give your hands a little extra skin care attention.

Wash your hands with a gentle, moisturizing soap. Follow up with hand cream after washing. At night, apply a richer cream on your hands and wear a pair of cotton gloves to bed. You’ll wake up with noticeably softer and smoother hands!

If you’re finding it hard to purchase your favourite creams online, you can use natural alternatives from your kitchen. For example, coconut oil and olive oil have moisturizing properties that are good for the skin.

4. Clean out your skin care products

The pandemic is a good time to clean and organize your home belongings, particularly your cosmetic supplies. If your bathroom counters and drawers are overflowing with skin care products, take some time to inspect each item. Are there any products that may look too old or you don’t use anymore? Get rid of anything that is past its expiry date, along with all products that have changed colour and texture.

Old expired products can harbour bacteria and wreak havoc on your skin. In some severe cases, using old products may even cause skin irritation or infection. If you want to take care of your skin, make sure you replace any outdated products on a regular basis.

5. Exercise at home

One of the best ways to keep your skin looking healthy is to exercise regularly. Exercise helps to nourish skin cells by increasing blood flow, which carries oxygen to the skin’s cells. Your skin will look clearer as a result. After exercising, always make sure to shower and wash your face. Doing this will remove any bacteria and sweat residue from the skin.

6. Make sleep a priority

A regular sleep schedule helps you to take care of your skin. Sleep is when the skin repairs itself. When you sleep, your skin’s blood flow is increasing, which happens because your skin is rebuilding collagen and repairing damage. Not getting enough sleep can cause dark undereye circles, paler skin, and more noticeable wrinkles or fine lines. Aim for seven to nine hours of sleep each night for the best skin rejuvenation results.

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