LUMECCA IPL Skin Treatment For Optimal Rejuvenation

Get the most powerful and effective Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment available today with LUMECCA IPL

If you want to dramatically improve the appearance of your skin with a treatment that is safe, non-invasive, and effective, get ready to discover LUMECCA IPL!

LUMECCA IPL treatment uses a form of light therapy to treat and rejuvenate the look of the skin. It is used to improve the skin’s complexion, reducing the look of pigmentation and vascular lesions.  Using breakthrough intense pulsed light (IPL), the treatment is optimized for clinicians to treat a variety of skin types and conditions. Results can be seen even within a single session!

Exposure to sunlight over the years takes its toll on our skin. Usually, it results in pigmentation, spots, redness due to broken capillaries, rough skin and wrinkles. Lumecca IPL treatment does not break the skin’s outer layer, and the result ensures a low risk of complications, no down time, and fast-acting rejuvenation.


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The benefits of LUMECCA IPL treatment

LUMECCA IPL treatment is an effective way to treat a variety of skin concerns and offers the following benefits to clients looking to improve the way their skin looks and feels!  Some of the uses of IPL skin treatments are:

  • IPL for rosacea
  • IPL for melasma
  • IPL for dark spots
  • IPL laser for acne and acne scarring
Rejuvenation anywhere

Just about any area on the body can be treated and rejuvenated. Most common areas include the face, neck, chest, legs, hands and arms. In just 1- 3 treatments, you’ll see improvement in reduction of age spots, vascular lesions, rosacea, freckles, and previous sun damage.

Non-invasive and fast recovery

After 1- 3 treatments, the skin will continue to look younger and more brilliant over time, with most visible results after 1-2 weeks. Having multiple photofacial sessions will improve the final result. After use, patients notice significant improvements in the complexion and clarity of their skin.

A speedy recovery

Although we recommend avoiding direct sunlight and tanning for at least a week after your treatment, many patients do not experience any negative effects. In fact, this photofacial treatment requires zero downtime and is a fantastic cosmetic alternative to surgery.

LUMECCA IPL side effects

Most patients do not experience any side effects.  Any skin reactions that may be seen, will usually resolve within a few hours.  After treatment, some patients find they are more sensitive to sunlight, so we recommend staying out of the sun and tanning booths following 24 hours.

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