Upper Cross Syndrome

Many people may be well on their way to suffering with upper cross syndrome and are totally unaware that they can prevent this health issue by improving their posture. Upper cross syndrome is the weakening and lengthening of the neck (rear) muscles and the posterior upper back. Often there is a simultaneous tightening and shortening of the neck (throat area) and anterior pectoral muscles.

Bad posture is the source of many back pains, and in addition, poor digestion. If the body is slumped over, food cannot make its way through the digestion track the way it is intended.

Causes Of Upper Cross Syndrome

Unhealthy posture is the most common cause of upper cross syndrome. Although it is common among the elderly, it is increasingly becoming a problem with all ages because people are slumping at their desks and do not realize they are sitting wrong. Even occupations that require standing for any length of time can cause an individual to not be aware therefore they slouch. Women who have a very large chest size often find themselves humped over due to the excess weight.

Those with chronic bad posture generally have rounded shoulders, their head is somewhat in front of their body and there is an apparent curve in the upper back and neck.

How To Avoid Upper Cross Syndrome

Maintaining correct posture is essential to overall good health and for those who are susceptible; a conscious effort must be made to keep the back straight. Individuals who are at a computer all day tend to sit slouching forward with their head leaning toward the monitor.

Avoiding upper cross syndrome is easy so long as you are always aware of your posture. To help maintain good posture while sitting at a desk for many hours, make sure the monitor is at eye level and the keyboard should not be too far in front of the body. Shoulders need to be kept back (chest out) and it is recommended that both feet be flat on the floor with a 90 degree bend at the knees.

Choosing the right chair is important, one that facilitates good posture. Many health experts in Switzerland back in the 1980’s recommended that their patients use stability balls as their office chair. Stability balls ensure the user has good posture and core muscles get a workout at the same time.

If you are in a job situation in which you have to stand all day, try to find something to keep one leg elevated, and switch legs frequently.

Prevention Of Metatarsalgia

Preventing metatarsalgia is easy so long as you are aware of the causes. Anyone who engages in running, jumping, or aerobic exercises must have proper footwear. Everyday proper footwear is essential in order to keep your feet in good shape. salgia if they are physically active and participate in activities that involve running and or jumping.

Suggested Therapies

Stretching is important. Getting into a good routine of regular stretching throughout the day will not only help prevent, it can help correct upper cross syndrome. The pectoral and anterior shoulder muscles must be stretched often. The importance of stretching can never be stressed enough, but if you suffer from upper cross syndrome, be sure you follow your health professional’s advice.

Exercises are also recommended to help alleviate the pain and discomfort from upper cross syndrome. Many of these are simple, and taking a few moments out of the day to do these will help. As with stretching, be sure to follow the treatment plan your health professional designs specifically for you.

In more serious cases, chiropractic care may be required.

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March 10, 2014
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