Swimming For Low Back Pain

Many people with low back pain go to a chiropractor seeking a quick and simple solution. One way a person can help alleviate their back pain without putting too much stress on their back is swimming. Swimming can be an incredibly helpful exercise for low back pain sufferers

It’s important to remember that lower back pain can sometimes be caused by swimming when muscles become hyperextended or overstretched during forward strokes. To prevent back pain while swimming, it’s essential that you use proper form. Unnatural movements while swimming can cause damage, so it is critical to maintain the correct movements while swimming. Swimming with backstrokes or the sidestroke can minimize stress on the back as compared to frontward strokes.

Certain swimming strokes can cause back problems. Here are some things to be aware of when doing specific strokes:

  • Freestyle: Make sure you do not rotate your head too much while taking breaths. Also, try not to let your head move up too much; if you do, then neck or back injuries can occur. When you’re not going up for breathes make sure you keep your head facing down. Remember, too much rolling can cause trouble.
  • Backstroke: Muscles in the front of the neck tend to become fatigued if you have not done the backstroke in a long time. Be sure to ease into this stoke and avoid too much movement in this position.
  • Breaststroke:  It is important to keep your head and neck still as you do this stroke. Gently raise your head and back to take breathes.

Benefits Of Swimming

Swimming is beneficial for low back pain for several reasons. It allows those suffering from minor back injuries to retain some level of activity. When an individual swims they are promoting good muscle health therefore are less likely to tense or cramp up. More importantly, in many situations, water tends to makes back pain sufferers feel better. Getting in a pool for a relaxed work out could very well be one of the best therapies.

Back pain does not have to halt your activity level. Once in the water there is no gravity therefore alleviating an enormous amount of stress on the affected area.  An hour or two in a pool builds back muscles; it also builds muscles in the shoulders, arms, legs and neck. In addition this activity helps to improve heart health, and helps the swimmer maintain a healthy body weight. Having a healthy body weight is beneficial to halting back pain.

Swimming can also be a great way to overcome back pain from a pinched nerve, herniated disc, and even bone spurs. Strengthening the muscles that support the back means less stress is placed on the spinal column and pain can be reduces or eliminated. A warm swimming pool also promotes blood flow and helps the healing process.

If swimming continues to be painful it’s important to stop and seek the advice of a qualified health professional. By continuing to swim despite continual or worsening pain, the condition affecting the lower back area may become worse and more intense forms of treatment may be required to reverse discomfort.

If you are able to do some swimming as frequently as you can throughout the week this will help to alleviate pain. It is important to remember that if the pain persists and swimming appears not to be helping then Chiro-Med Rehab Centre in Richmond Hill can help you. Chiro-Med has a convenient location and highly qualified health professionals to help you resume the activities you once enjoyed – free of pain! Call 905-918-0419 for more information or to book your appointment!

March 10, 2014
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