Dequervains Disease & Benefits Of Laser Therapy

DeQuervains disease is a painful disorder that affects tendons located at the base of the thumb. There are several kinds of tendon lining inflammatory diseases, but DeQuervains disease is the most common.

Tendons slide through sleeves (sheaths) and the inner wall of these “sleeves” has a slippery fluid to help lubricate the tendons. Repetitive movements such as forceful gripping contribute to the reduction of, or elimination of lubrication. When this occurs friction increases between the sheath and the thumb’s tendon creating an abnormal thickening. This constriction interferes with the smooth gliding motion of the tendons which in turn creates pain.

Although anyone can be afflicted with this, women between the ages of 30 and 50 tend to more likely to suffer from DeQuervains disease.

Causes Of Dequervains Disease

As mentioned above, repetition is the main cause of this condition. Squeezing, pinching, wringing, grasping all can contribute if done repeatedly.

Arthritic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis can also cause DeQuervains. Also, scar tissue from a previous injury can create difficulty for the tendons to slide easily through the sheath.

Symptoms Of Dequervains Disease

Pain is felt when moving the thumb away from the hand. This pain is felt at the base of the thumb as well as in the forearm.


Treatment for DeQuervains Disease is approached in several ways. The first method is the simplest – cease all activities that cause the symptoms; or at the very least when this work cannot be avoided, take several breaks. Sometimes this is very difficult and so laser or chiropractic care may be required.

Chiropractic manipulation can help regain normal alignment and the thumb’s motion.

Benefits Of Laser Therapy

Laser therapy, or rather cold laser therapy is a viable option that can help. Cold laser therapy penetrates particular light waves that increase cellular metabolism. These wavelengths of light waves (photons) can penetrate as far as two to three inches so the affected areas are treated. Once the photons reach injured tissue, they stimulate and energize the cells to repair the damage at a remarkable rate; this helps to move the healing process along quicker and reduce pain.

This treatment is fast and efficient and this enables the patient to be pain free faster than other methods. A professional therapist places a “wand” over the injured area and holds it there a few moments; it’s that simple. Some patients report that they feel instant relief, while others say it takes about a day. Also, repeat visits may be required depending on the level of pain, but many patients have reported how thrilled they were with this treatment option. In the event that a patient experiences re-occuring pain every once in a while, they can continue with cold laser therapy treatment as it is non-invasive, does not hurt and has no side effects. The best part for the patient is that this treatment option only takes about 10 to 20 minutes and is very cost effective.

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March 7, 2014
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