Chiropractic Manipulation

Chiropractic manipulation is sometimes also referred to as chiropractic adjustment. This is a specialized procedure that applies manipulation to the vertebrae that have abnormal movement patterns or are not functioning as it should.
The College of Chiropractors of Ontario (CCO) assists members of the CCO in maintaining standards of care that must be adhered to before a chiropractor performs a chiropractic manipulation.

The College ensures that any chiropractor who wants to perform a manipulation (or adjustment) must be thoroughly trained and have practice in order to provide this health care service with competence and skill. Here is a brief overview of what this specialized training includes:

  • Learning the principles of chiropractic manipulation, biomechanics, radiology, neuro-physiology and applied anatomy
  • Patient examination and diagnosis
  • Various treatment techniques

The CCO states, “Chiropractic adjustment or manipulation is an authorized Act requiring a high degree of skill.” The College has outlined specific elements to maintain a high level of skill among their members. This includes:

  • Knowing indications and contraindications to application of a chiropractic adjustment or manipulation.
  • Patient's health, proper assessment of the patient, the treatment goal and prognosis.
  • Ongoing education in order to be current with knowledge and skills to enable safe and effective treatment.

Chiropractic manipulation is a procedure that must be thoroughly discussed with a patient; and the patient must provide written consent.

The Cracking Sound

When a patient receives chiropractic manipulation as part of their treatment he or she can expect to hear the cracking sounds. Many people think the sound is intriguing, others find it odd.

Between each joint in the spine there is fluid. When cavitation occurs the patient hears cracking sounds. This is gas being released from the fluid. This is the same sound that can be heard when opening a can of pop or popping the cork off a bottle of champagne. The same thing is happening to the pop or the champagne - gas is being released from within the fluid.

Not all chiropractic manipulations create this sound, so judging the effectiveness of this treatment cannot be based on sound. The goal is to restore mobility to the restricted joint, thereby alleviating pain and muscle tightness, allowing the underlying tissues and nervous system to heal.

For those who receive this treatment in the neck area, the cracking sound will seem much louder as it is because it is closer to the ears.

Health Benefits Of Chiropractic Manipulation

Chiropractic manipulation improves the nutrient supply throughout the body. Cartilage and other structures have no blood supply and manipulation reduces pressure on the nerves.

The nervous system is the control centre of the human body. Nerves and nerve bundles are soft tissue and when under physical pressure they do not function well. It has been shown that a bulging disc, inflammation, or a fragment of disc floating around can negatively interfere with nerve conduction. Chiropractic manipulation can create relief of this pressure though gentle movement of the joint.

Joint Fixation

The joints in our body are meant to move without effort.  The friction of our joints is believed to be eight times more slippery than ice sliding on ice.  If an injury occurs, or as we age the surfaces of the joints tend to become rough which increases the friction and the effort needed to move them.  Some joints may become so damaged that they get to the point that they lose mobility. Joints need free movement to transport nutrients and fluids in and out of the area around the joints in order to stay healthy.  This does not happen in a fixated joint.  The lack of joint movement can cause degeneration of the joints and the discs leaving an individual in a lot of pain.

Members of The College of Chiropractors of Ontario are fully trained to perform chiropractic manipulations. Their skill and expertise have helped countless patients regain independence from pain.

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