Cerebral Spinal Fluid and Chiropractic Care

Cerebral spinal fluid (also referred to as cerebrospinal fluid CSF) is clear fluid produced by dialysis in the choroid plexus (located in the brain). CSF is a critical component in creating a cushion to protect our brain and our central nervous system. Cerebrospinal fluid is always being produced and should there be any disruption in the production or in the protection of the brain and central nervous system then this means trouble.

Other CSF Functions

Cerebrospinal fluid acts as a chemical buffer giving us immunological protection as well as means for transporting nutrients, metabolic wastes and toxic substances. This fluid provides buoyancy to soft neural tissues which is critical in preventing the brain tissue from deforming from its own weight.

Recent research indicates that cerebrospinal fluid has a major influence on the body's homeostatic balance of acidity and alkalinity. There is also scientific research that indicates that the cerebrospinal fluid could act as a chelating agent by which it removes metallic toxins from the spinal cord and the brain providing protection against free radical oxidation.

Disorders of the CSF flow can affect the distribution neurotransmitters, disrupt the blood flow around the brain, and it can affect normal brain function.

Our bodies produce about one cup of CSF every day because it continuously replaces CSF as it is absorbed. There is a delicate balance between what is absorbed and what is produced and when the balance is off then hydrocephalus occurs. The most common factor that can cause this disruption is an obstruction. If left untreated hydrocephalus can cause cysts, infections, and brain tumors.

CSF Stasis

When the CSF flow becomes stagnant, this is a condition referred to as CSF stasis. CSF stasis is associated with several conditions such as vertebral subluxation complex (or joint fixation). (This is a term applied to a vertebra that has lost its regular position in relation to the vertebrae beside it. Eventually the wear and tear on the surrounding discs, ligaments, spinal muscles, or other spinal tissue causes pain, inflammation, tenderness and there is a decrease in spinal mobility.

CSF stasis also reduces cranial rhythmic impulses and can restrict respiratory function. Reduced levels of cerebrospinal fluid through key areas of the brain is a factor involved in degenerative disease.

Sedentary lifestyles and bad posture are culprits in creating a suitable environment for CSF stasis. A sedentary lifestyle creates poor core strength and muscle imbalances that lead to chronic subluxation patterns throughout the spine.

Improving CSF Flow

A healthy CSF flow depends on minimizing subluxation through corrective chiropractic techniques and specific spinal exercises including yoga.
If there is any ligamentous scar tissue along the pathway in which there is CSF then chiropractic adjustments will help to release this tissue. This allows for better neurological function. Also, chiropractic adjustments help to reinforce healthy soft tissue formation in the subluxated regions. This new healthy tissue allows these areas to have normal, healthy motion.

Chiropractic adjustments will dramatically increase CSF flow to help the blood flow properly around the brain, and to ensure proper distribution of neurotransmitters.
Balance board exercises can help restore and reinforce healthy sacral movement and initiate proper CSF flow. Balance boards have a very small centre of gravity that creates a challenge to the brain's coordinating centers resulting in increased receptor information allowing a greater degree of range of motion and an increased CSF pumping effect.

Repetitive cervical traction exercises put motion into the occipital region of the brain (rearmost portion of the skull). This motion helps to create a pressure change, which assists in the facilitation of the cerebrospinal fluid pump. This allows cleaner CSF to flow into the brain stem region providing fresh oxygen and nutrition.
Chiropractic adjustments unlock stiff areas of the spine and encourages growth of healthy soft tissue. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, specialized exercises will help to restore healthy CSF movement in the central nervous system. As part of your chiropractic treatment plan these exercises and adjustments are specifically designed for you so that your CSF flow returns to normal. In return there will be increased oxygen and nutrient-rich fluid reaching your brain stem and improving your overall health.

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