DonJoy Custom Knee Braces

DonJoy is a pioneer in innovative functional knee braces. They have over a thirty year track record of producing quality knee braces that athletes have come to know and trust.  As their website says, “Know pain? Know gain” and it is this mindset that has DonJoy positioned as a world leader in knee brace designs.

The DonJoy researchers have made a profession out of performance by studying the body, consulting with health professionals, and by listening to athletes. Their passion to help athletes and other individuals with injuries has made its way into an impressive forty-four countries. DonJoy produces world-class products for the health care professionals who prescribe them and for those who wear them.

This brand of custom knee braces provides people with a huge range of options with guaranteed comfort and a great fit. Each knee brace is fabricated within a day or two using anatomical measurements so that the fit is right the first time.

DonJoy knee braces are not just for use after an injury occurs; they are also prescribed to many athletes as a preventative method to possible injury!

The original DonJoy brace was developed by an orthopedic surgeon for patients who suffered with anterior knee pain relating to conditions such as:

  • Mild osteoarthritis
  • Patellofemoral syndrome
  • Chondromalacia patella
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease
  • Quadriceps and patella tendonitis/tendinosis

How Can a DonJoy Knee Brace Help You?

DonJoy knee braces can help relieve anterior knee pain during all sports activities or during your daily routines. If you have experienced cartilage injury or if you have mild arthritis in the knee a brace can help you maintain mobility.

Countless adults suffer with knee osteoarthritis and in many of these cases; this chronic condition impedes their ability to enjoy their day-to-day routines, work, and to enjoy their recreation.

A knee brace can serve many functions depending on the specific issue that plagues you. Knee braces can not only be used as a means of therapy but they can help stabilize in the event of a fracture and they can help facilitate the healing process after surgery.

A great feature of the DonJoy knee braces is that they have a removable breathable sleeve that prevents sweat from occuring. This is worn beneath the brace to help mobilize the area, and it helps to protect the skin from irritation and chafing as well.

Best of all, those who wear a knee brace find that their overall confidence levels are increased and this is really important especially for those who are healing from surgery or injury.

There are many knee brace options that can help to relieve pain. Only a qualified health professional can help you find the right one for your specific condition.

Contact Chiro Med Rehab Centre if you want more information on whether or not you may be a candidate for a DonJoy knee brace. Chiro-Med Rehab Centre in Richmond Hill has professionals on staff that can help you with many of your health needs. Our walk-in clinic is conveniently located at 10144 Yonge Street, just north of Major MacKenzie Drive in the heart of Richmond Hill. Visit Chiro-Med online or call 905-918-0419 for more information.

April 24, 2014
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