Core Muscle Strength and Your Posture

Most of us hear how important good posture is and unfortunately there are some who don’t understand why until it is too late. Our core muscles play a very important role in our posture. Imagine your core muscles as a link that connects the upper and lower body. Whether you’re hitting a baseball or sweeping the floor the motions for these actions either flow through or originate in your core. Regardless of where motion originates it ripples through your body. The condition of your core muscles determine how well (or not well) your arms and legs physically function. Having a strong core is essential for good health, a nice posture, great balance, and stability. If your core muscles are not in shape then this makes you more susceptible to falls, injuries and back problems.

Let’s look at some ways in which strong core muscles can help you.

Every day movements. We tend to take for granted the ability to bend over and put on our shoes, to pick up a box, or to do our household chores. The ability to perform even these simplest of tasks calls on the core muscles.

At work. There are many jobs in which we twist, lift and even stand for long periods of time. Sitting at a desk also requires the use of core muscles. The more out of shape your core muscles are the faster you’ll become stiff and possibly even sore. Taking breaks, stretching and making sure your posture is good is critical.

Good back health. Far too many people suffer from back pain and most of this can be prevented by exercises that promote strong core muscles.

Good posture. Weak core muscles contribute to slouching and over a period of time this will cause a myriad of back problems. Strong core muscles lessen the stress on the spine and allows you to breathe better as well.

What Exactly Are Core Muscles?

Strong core muscles are not washboard abs. Our core muscles are hidden beneath the exterior muscles. These deeper muscles include the transverse abdominals, the pelvic floor, the diaphragm and many other deep muscles.

Your core muscles are known as either stabilizers or movers.

  • The stabilizer muscles attach directly to the spine and support its movement.
  • The movers are the muscles that support the stabilizer muscles and work with them to move your body.
  • Core muscles work together to support and move the body safely. They provide essential support that allows you to move your body to do everyday tasks and participate in physical activity.

Protect Your Inner Organs

Healthy core muscles help to protect vital systems in our body. Your core is not only where your organs and central nervous system do their work, it’s also where your body’s largest (and most important) veins and arteries are based. Keeping strong core muscles helps to ensure everything stays protected as you move through your day. Movements can be restricted when our core muscles are not strengthened and worse, eventually pain moves in.

Increase Your Posture Awareness

Increasing core strength will naturally change the way you carry yourself. Good posture is chest out, shoulders back and holding your head back so that your ears are over your shoulders. We all should be doing this naturally yet we are not. Becoming more aware of our posture is important.

Try these two mental exercises no matter where you are.

  • Pretend you’re a balloon rising up with air. Most of the muscles that hold our body up are vertical. As you breathe in think of yourself as being a balloon and you’ll feel your posture improve.
  • Think of a string. Align your head over your shoulders and lifting it up, as though a string is pulling it from the top; this allows your shoulders to drop and open while pulling in the abdominals. This will work whether you are sitting, standing or walking.

How Can You Build Core Strength?

Working on your core muscles is different from strength-training. Yoga, pilates and stability balls are great for working your core muscles because many moves you can do with these target those muscle groups.

There are countless other activities to strengthen your core, from swimming to kick boxing. You can also try some specific exercises including the classic sit-up. Starting a routine that’s right for you includes getting professional advice. Chiro-Med Rehab Centre in Richmond Hill and Newmarket can assist you in strengthening your core muscles.

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January 6, 2015
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