B-Shape T.M.C. Body Contouring in Richmond Hill

It used to be that if you wanted to reduce fat and build visible muscle, you would have to spend a lot of time at the gym in addition to eating a healthy diet. Unless you are a gym rat, you probably do not have the time nor the motivation to spend a couple of hours at the gym several times a week.

Now you don’t have to. B-Shape T.M.C. is a revolutionary body contouring treatment that eliminates fat and builds muscle, all from the comfort of a relaxing treatment. Now available in Richmond Hill, B-Shape T.M.C. treatments are non-invasive with no downtime at all.

Sound too good to be true? B-Shape T.M.C. technology is centred around electromagnetism, which you may have learned about in school. B-Shape T.M.C. uses a device that delivers electromagnetic pulses called supramaximal contractions to a target area. The waves penetrate below the skin to remove excess fat and stimulate new muscle growth. B-Shape T.M.C.  is especially effective in troublesome areas that are difficult to spot-treat with diet or exercise alone.

What is B-Shape T.M.C.?

B-Shape T.M.C., sometimes known as Bshape or B shape T.M.C., is a non-invasive treatment for body contouring that combines fat removal with muscle building. It works by sending electromagnetic pulses through a target area to cause supramaximal contractions, which are high-tension muscle contractions that exceed the highest amount of tension your muscles can exert and hold under normal conditions.

B-Shape T.M.C. is an ideal treatment for men and women who want to remove excess fat in their abdominal area in no time and tone their abdominal or gluteal muscles. B-Shape T.M.C. is a non-invasive, fast, effective treatment that lasts for a long time. It works best with a balanced lifestyle of healthy eating and staying active.

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What Does B-Shape T.M.C. Do?

Put simply, B-Shape T.M.C. reduces fat and builds muscle in a target area. You can expect approximately a 20 % reduction in body fat, an 18% increase in muscle mass, and an 11% increase in muscle firmness once the treatment is complete (equivalent to 160,000 muscle contractions). You will also find that your metabolism increases in the long term.

During a B-Shape T.M.C. body contouring treatment, electromagnetic frequencies that cause supramaximal contractions in the muscles are released. These contractions prompt the production of lactic acid, which then attacks any fat that has accumulated due to a lack of physical activity or a healthy diet.

The supramaximal contractions then stimulate a response in the muscle to remodel the internal structure. As a result, there is increased muscle density and volume with tighter fibres.

How Does a B-Shape T.M.C. Treatment Work?

The secret to the effectiveness of B-Shape is T.M.C. technology:

T: Tesla 7.0 Magnetic Power

M: Magnetic (Electromagnetic Field)

C: Contraction (Supramaximal Direct Wave)

B-Shape T.M.C. uses a device that sends supramaximal waves toward a target area up to 3 inches or 7 centimetres below the skin. Eleven waves are emitted per second, stimulating the muscles and causing supramaximal contractions. The waves reach the motor nerves as well as the targeted muscles.

A B-Shape T.M.C. treatment consists of three to four one-hour sessions spread two to five days apart. There is no downtime after a B-Shape T.M.C. treatment, and you can immediately resume your normal daily activities. Once your treatment is complete, it is recommended to follow the maintenance schedule of one treatment every eight weeks so that the muscle mass and firmness will not be lost.

What are the Benefits of B-Shape T.M.C.?

B-Shape T.M.C. body contouring has many benefits for people looking to reduce fat, increase muscle, and promote sustainable weight loss. You can expect:

  • 20% reduction in body fat
  • 18% increase in muscle mass
  • 11% increase in muscle tone
  • 5x metabolism increase

B-Shape T.M.C. is a non-invasive treatment with minimal pain. However, it has endless benefits for physical health and self-esteem when done in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle:

  • Cuts chances of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and other diseases
  • Stop sleep apnea and sleep longer and better
  • Reverse insulin resistance and reduce the chance of diabetes
  • Reduced joint pain from stress and inflammation
  • Better mood and self-esteem
  • More energy
  • Increased libido

Who Should Get B-Shape T.M.C.?

B-Shape T.M.C. is beneficial for anyone looking to reduce stubborn fat and build muscle, especially in the abdominal area. It is especially intended for those who are able to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle but need a little extra help to get the muscle definition they want to see.

Men looking to achieve sculpted abs and defined arms will find B-Shape T.M.C. an effective treatment. It targets the areas of the body that can be troublesome even with the right diet and exercise and can be completed alongside a regular workout routine.

B shape T.M.C. is the first non-invasive treatment to be scientifically proven effective in reducing postpartum diastasis recti, which is a separation of the abdominal muscles that occurs during pregnancy. B-Shape T.M.C. can help restore the abdominal muscles to their original shape with fat reduction and muscle toning, strengthening, and firming.

What Parts of the Body Can Benefit from B-Shape T.M.C.?

B-Shape T.M.C. body contour treatments can be used on any part of the body that can benefit from fat reduction and muscle increase. The most common areas include:

  • Abdominals
  • Arms
  • Buttocks
  • Calves
  • Inner thighs
  • Thighs

B-Shape T.M.C. is an effective treatment for anyone looking to eliminate stubborn fat and build lasting muscle in a particular area and can be used for postpartum treatment. Performed in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, B-Shape T.M.C. is a proven way to sculpt the body you dream of. The licensed estheticians at Beauty Med in Richmond Hill want to help you look and feel your best with a B-Shape T.M.C. treatment. Call us today to learn more about B-Shape T.M.C. and book your consultation. Get ready to look and feel your best with B-Shape T.M.C.!

B-Shape T.M.C. Body Contouring Before & After Photos

View our before & after photos to see how B-Shape T.M.C. body contouring treatments have helped people like you get the high-definition body sculpting,  fat loss and muscle definition they’ve been dreaming of.